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PTI workers clash with police as countrywide protests breakout against attack on Imran Khan



The PTI has started its countrywide protests against the attack on party Chairman Imran Khan.

Earlier, the party leadership said that they would start holding demonstrations countrywide after Friday prayers.

The party is staging protests in major cities across Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Malakand, Rajanpur, Bahawalnagar, Muzaffargarh, and Kohat, among others.

Protests turn violent in twin cities

Khan’s supporters are also protesting in Rawalpindi’s Faizabad Interchange against the assassination attempt on him a day earlier.

Islamabad Police has been intermittently firing tear gas shells to disperse protestors in the area who resorted to stone-pelting on the police and Frontier Corps (FC). Meanwhile, Islamabad Police and FC have arrested several PTI workers in Islamabad. Murree Road has been closed to traffic in Rawalpindi.

Islamabad Police took to Twitter to inform the public about the situation in the twin cities.

Earlier, protesters blocked Rawalpindi’s GT Road from both sides which affected traffic in the area. After workers ended their protests in Rawat, GT Road has been cleared for traffic. PTI’s women workers, on the other hand, left after protesting at the National Press Club.

Situation in Lahore

Protestors in Lahore held demonstrations against the federal government. Earlier, PTI workers and supporters vandalised public property outside the Governor House’s gate at Lahore’s Mall Road resulting in a traffic jam before ending the protest, as the police reached the spot.

PTIs protestors gathered at the Shadara Mor Chowk in Lahore. — PTI Lahore/@PTIOfficialLHR
PTI’s protestors gathered at the Shadara Mor Chowk in Lahore. — PTI Lahore/@PTIOfficialLHR

Earlier, some PTI supporters jumped the Governor House’s gate while holding PTI flags in their hands and placing them on the gate, while others tried to trespass barriers placed by law enforcement. Meanwhile, lawyers of the Insaf Lawyer’s Forum also gathered at the venue earlier.

Demonstrations have affected traffic at Lahore’s Thokar Niaz Baig and Shahdara Chowk, as well as at Mall Road’s GPO intersection.

Demonstrations are also being held at the Maulana Zafar Ali Khan intersection in Wazirabad, where PTI workers have blocked the traffic moving from Lahore to Islamabad.

In Lahore, the party’s workers and supporters are being led by Senator Ejaz Chaudhry.

Police take on violent protesters in Karachi

Karachi’s Shahrah-Faisal has been cleared for traffic following protests.

Earlier, Karachi Police baton-charged and fired tear gas shells at the protesters on the city’s crucial artery to ensure their dispersal.

Protestors gathered at Karachis Shahrah-e-Faisal. — PTI Karachi/Twitter
Protestors gathered at Karachi’s Shahrah-e-Faisal. — PTI Karachi/Twitter

The PTI’s supporters were staging protests against the assassination attempt on Khan near Jinnah Hospital Mor. The police also took several protestors, including women into custody.

Due to the clashes, the lane between Jinnah Hospital Mor to Metropole signal has been blocked for all kinds of traffic. Another track leading from Saddar police station to the Metropole signal has also been blocked.

Other cities

In Peshawar, protestors gathered at and blocked the Motorway Interchange. They are raising slogans against the federal government and in favour of Khan.

In Quetta, party workers are protesting at the Mannan Chowk where provincial leaders are also present.

In Hyderabad, supporters are protesting at the Haider intersection, while protesters are also gathered in Tharparkar’s Kashmir intersection.

Traffic has also been closed due to protests at the Milad intersection in Lodhran.

Workers are demonstrating at the Main Bazaar in Mansehra, while protests are also being held in Orakzai’s Ghilju Bazar Anjani, Feroze Khel, Headquarters intersection, and Buland Khel areas.

PTIs workers and supporters are protesting in Kohat under the leadership of Zia Bangash. — PTI Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/@PTIKPOfficial
PTI’s workers and supporters are protesting in Kohat under the leadership of Zia Bangash. — PTI Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/@PTIKPOfficial

In Gujrat, various areas have been closed to traffic, while PTI workers have blocked the Shaheen Bypass Road.

In Bahawalnagar, protests are taking place in Rafiq Shah, while in Rajanpur, supporters are conducting a sit-in at Chowk Allahabad, Rojhan, Fazilpur, and Jampur.

In Rajanpur, PTI workers have blocked the Sindh-Punjab border by burning tyres, which has caused a long queue of vehicles stuck in traffic.

Earlier, supporters raised slogans against the attack on their party chief in Rajanpur where they have blocked the Indus Highway.

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The PML-N is rushing to outlaw PTI and is asking President Zardari’s approval.




The government on Friday decided to engage with its ally, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), in an attempt to lessen the strain brought on by the ruling of the supreme court to award reserved seats to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the negative reaction it received after declaring the PTI was banned.

Specifics state that President Asif Ali Zardari will also be present at the consultative meeting with the leaders of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) on the subject.

Participants in the meeting, which would see the Attorney General brief them on the various legal elements of the cases, included PML-N leaders Ishaq Dar, Azam Tarar, Atta Tarar, Irfan Qadir, Ahad Cheema, and Sardar Ayaz Sadiq.

Ayyar Bokhari, Sherry Rehman, and Farooq H. Naek would be attending the meeting on behalf of the PPP.

The PML-N leaders, according to sources, would also have faith in the PPP leadership when it came to using Article 6 to remove three of the PTI’s most important leaders.

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Amid escalating tensions, Faisal Vawda forecasts the political demise of the PTI.




Political unrest is likely to approach, as Faisal Vawda noted that PTI will confront formidable obstacles.

Pakistan cannot support any anarchist party. According to Vawda, PTI must change into PTI-P in the same way as MQM becomes MQM-P.

In his critique of the PTI’s present political approach, he implied that the organization’s latest moves and catchphrases are the result of trust established by legal rulings. According to Vawda, PTI is now in a precarious position because these activities have put them over the constitutional line.

“PTI has been shouting anti-institutional slogans ten times ahead of the court order; they should be prepared for the bulldozer now,” Vawda remarked.

Furthermore, according to Vawda, it is improbable that PTI’s founder will be released from prison. Instead, PTI’s future will be determined by government policies and internal calculations.

He said that the intelligence to overthrow the government is within the Pakistan Democratic Movement II (PDM-2).

Furthermore, the senator charged that the government was misrepresenting PTI and the institutions and deliberately causing uncertainty.

He predicted that the political atmosphere would intensify and that the administration might not abide by the rulings of the Supreme Court, contributing to the situation’s complexity.

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A joint parliamentary party meeting is called by PTI and SIC.




A joint parliamentary party meeting was held on Thursday in Parliament House, Islamabad, by the Sunni-Ittehad Council and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

The sources state that representatives from both parties attended the meeting and discussed a range of topics.

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