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Prohibited funding case: LHC bars FIA from ‘harassing’ Imran Khan



  • Court orders FIA, other parties to submit responses in next hearing. 
  • Hearing adjourned till Dec 7. 
  • PTI challenged FIA’s summons, seeking a clean chit in case.

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday restricted the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) from harassing PTI chief Imran Khan. 

The directive came during the hearing of the PTI chief’s plea against the FIA summons in the prohibited funding case opened against him. 

During the hearing, the court ordered the FIA and other parties to submit their responses at the next hearing. The court asked if some action could be taken against a political party following the instructions of the federal government. 

“Does this inquiry have any legal protection or not?” asked the court. 

In response to this, Khan’s lawyer said: “The inquiry of the prohibited funding case has no legal protection.” 

The FIA alleges that the PTI’s accounts were opened with the signatures of the party’s top leadership, the court maintained. 

“Do you accept these accounts?” questioned the court. 

“There are 13 accounts that the PTI doesn’t accept,” replied the lawyer. 

The hearing has been adjourned till December 7. 

PTI challenges FIA summons

On November 5, the PTI’s legal team challenged the FIA’s summons to the party chairman in the high court, seeking a clean chit in the case which it termed was part of the government’s political witch hunt.

Khan, in his petition, disputed the FIA’s notice for his appearance before the agency on November 7 and made the Ministry of Interior, DG FIA, Deputy Director FIA, and the investigation officer stakeholders. The petition said FIA sent the notice with the intent of political victimisation on October 31.

“The FIA’s inquiry regarding PTI Punjab’s bank account is based on bad faith. The probe was initiated to harass the former prime minister,” the petition said.

The inquiry was aimed at benefiting the political rivals, the petition alleged. “No one has ever objected to the PTI’s opening party bank accounts. And in the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) ruling there are no instructions for FIA to investigate [PTI’s] bank accounts,” the petition read.

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Train hits dumper at Gojra level crossing




At an unmanned level crossing in Gojra late on Sunday night, a train carrying two Rehman Baba Express drivers was injured when it struck a dumper.

Rehman Baba Express struck a dumper at Gojra level crossing No. 99 while traveling from Peshawar to Karachi, according to details. Two train drivers were stranded inside the debris, and the train’s engine sustained significant damage in the crash.

When rescue personnel arrived, they broke the engine’s body to free the drivers who were still in critical condition. All of the passengers were safe throughout the collision, according to railway authorities.

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PTI to abstain from voting in Senate chairman and deputy elections




The election of the Senate’s chairman and deputy chairman is going to be boycotted by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

The PTI’s political and core committee declares that it is unlawful to elect the Senate’s chairman and deputy chairman. The party has chosen to file a legal challenge to the election.

The sources from the core committee claimed that the election of the chairman and deputy chairman was unlawful and that the House of Federation was incomplete.

The constitutional plan was also violated by the Senate election that took place without Khyber Pakhtunkhwa senators being elected. According to sources, the Senate was not operating without a chairman.

The Senate Secretariat was only able to make administrative decisions. The source stated that the Senate secretary was not authorized to interpret the Constitution on his own while under duress and that the Upper House was only able to function as one department in the absence of the Senate chairman.

They said that this was the first time in a democratic regime that the Senate had stopped operating.

The PTI claimed that individuals responsible for the upper house’s non-functioning should face consequences for trampling on the constitutional structure.

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There won’t be a total solar eclipse today in Pakistan.




This Wednesday will be the first full solar eclipse of the year. But it won’t be visible in Asia.

Around 11:07 am PDT, or 9:07 pm local time in Pakistan, the eclipse will initially be visible near the Pacific Coast of Mexico. After that, the eclipse will pass through a large region of the United States, from Texas to Maine, and into Canada.

The total eclipse will last for four minutes, and the eclipse will continue for five hours and ten minutes.

The eclipse will proceed into Texas, passing through over a dozen states before reaching southern Ontario in Canada, according to NASA. At around 5:16 p.m. NDT, the eclipse will leave mainland North America and go out of Newfoundland, Canada.

According to NASA, there is a path where the eclipse will be visible in its entirety, and outside of this area, spectators may notice a partial eclipse, in which the moon covers part of the sun but not all of it.

In the ensuing two decades, there won’t be another full solar eclipse. On October 2, South America will witness the second solar eclipse of the year. Yet it will just be a portion of it.

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