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‘Humanity faded away’: Bushra Iqbal says lawyer will address questions on Dania



  • SHC extends stay on local court’s orders to exhume Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s body for autopsy
  • Bushra says she doesn’t know who is behind demand for exhumation.
  • Regrets that family of deceased person is being dragged in court.

The Sindh High Court on Wednesday extended the stay on a local court’s orders to exhume deceased televangelist and PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s body for an autopsy till July 19. 

The SHC had suspended orders of the judicial magistrate (East), who approved a petition seeking the autopsy of the deceased anchorperson, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his residence earlier this month.

Hussain’s former wife, Syeda Bushra Iqbal — who is on the frontline in pursuing her children’s case against the exhumation — said while speaking to media on the occasion that she doesn’t know who is behind the demand for exhumation.

“Humanity has faded away from us, unfortunately,” Bushra said while telling journalists that her lawyer will address the questions on Hussain’s third wife Dania Malik.

Hussain’s sudden demise came weeks after some indecent videos of him had gone viral. It is being widely believed that Dania — who filed for nullification of marriage with Hussain in May — leaked the videos that are said to have made the televangelist go into “depression” and that depression is what caused his death.

Bushra further stated that the petitioner seeking Hussain’s postmortem, Abdul Ahad was absent again in today’s hearing. She regretted that the family of a person who has just passed away is being dragged to court.

“Those who are actively reporting [on the matter] on social media, why didn’t they appear before the judge today?” she asked.

Earlier, Brigade Police Station SHO and East SSP submitted their response in court during the hearing of the petition seeking nullification of the local court’s orders. 

The reply stated that the police had filed a petition to a judicial magistrate, seeking orders for an inquiry to find out Hussain’s cause of death.

However, Hussain’s children, Ahmed Aamir and Dua Aamir, said they don’t want an autopsy to be performed on their father, it added.

The police officials mentioned in their reply that an additional police surgeon conducted an external examination on Hussain’s body on June 10, a day after Hussain’s death. However, they quoted the additional police surgeon as saying that nothing can be said about the cause of death basing on the findings of external examination.

They stated that the East judicial magistrate later ordered to hand over Hussain’s body to the family at their request.

The officials in the reply assured the court of following whatever orders it gives.

Meanwhile, police also submitted the reports linked to the case. The citizen seeking Hussain’s autopsy — who is also a respondent in case against judicial magistrate’s orders — didn’t appear at the hearing.

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Train hits dumper at Gojra level crossing




At an unmanned level crossing in Gojra late on Sunday night, a train carrying two Rehman Baba Express drivers was injured when it struck a dumper.

Rehman Baba Express struck a dumper at Gojra level crossing No. 99 while traveling from Peshawar to Karachi, according to details. Two train drivers were stranded inside the debris, and the train’s engine sustained significant damage in the crash.

When rescue personnel arrived, they broke the engine’s body to free the drivers who were still in critical condition. All of the passengers were safe throughout the collision, according to railway authorities.

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There won’t be a total solar eclipse today in Pakistan.




This Wednesday will be the first full solar eclipse of the year. But it won’t be visible in Asia.

Around 11:07 am PDT, or 9:07 pm local time in Pakistan, the eclipse will initially be visible near the Pacific Coast of Mexico. After that, the eclipse will pass through a large region of the United States, from Texas to Maine, and into Canada.

The total eclipse will last for four minutes, and the eclipse will continue for five hours and ten minutes.

The eclipse will proceed into Texas, passing through over a dozen states before reaching southern Ontario in Canada, according to NASA. At around 5:16 p.m. NDT, the eclipse will leave mainland North America and go out of Newfoundland, Canada.

According to NASA, there is a path where the eclipse will be visible in its entirety, and outside of this area, spectators may notice a partial eclipse, in which the moon covers part of the sun but not all of it.

In the ensuing two decades, there won’t be another full solar eclipse. On October 2, South America will witness the second solar eclipse of the year. Yet it will just be a portion of it.

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Pakistani stocks are rising, and the KSE-100 breaks the 69,000 barrier.




The benchmark KSE-100 Index increased 1.76 percent on Monday, passing beyond the 69,000 barrier for the first time in its history. This maintained Pakistani stock market’s record-breaking run, as investors remained upbeat about potential rate cuts by the central bank.

The most recent advances also follow Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s iftar dinner given by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Makkah, at a time when Riyadh is anticipated to announce an approximately $1 billion investment in Reko Diq, one of the world’s greatest reserves of copper and gold.

After reaching a high of 69,720.03, the KSE-100 Index concluded at 69,619.98 with a net gain of 1,203.20 points by the time trading was closed for the day. This was due to international investors, both individual and institutional, making purchases.

The meeting between Shehbaz and the Saudi crown prince, also referred to as MBS, may open doors for investment in a variety of industries, including mining, energy, and agriculture.

With record-high energy and interest rates driving up the cost of conducting business to an unaffordable level, investors are clamoring for foreign investment to prop up the economy.

Any improvement in this area would not only contribute to the rupee’s appreciation but also increase the value of cheap equities due to the anticipated purchasing frenzy, as buyers will not pass up the chance to purchase at the reduced prices.

However, there is a big question mark over the heightened expectations that the State Bank of Pakistan will begin reducing interest rates following the consumer price index (CPI) showing a steady fall in inflation over the past three months, particularly the greater than anticipated decline in March.

The reason is that, given Islamabad’s desperation to secure another package from the Washington-based lender, there is an impending hike in gasoline costs in addition to power and gas charges. This move will further sustain the inflationary pressure under the IMF criteria.

Meanwhile, the most recent US data has reduced expectations for potential rate reduction by the Federal Reserve, which is driving up the price of gold as speculative purchasing occurs.

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