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Bani Gala was headquarters for corrupt practices during PTI govt’s term: Maryam Nawaz



LAHORE: PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif on Monday criticised PTI Chairman Imran Khan and said that his residence of Bani Gala had been the “headquarters for corrupt practices” during the PTI’s government’s tenure.

Addressing the PML-N’s social media team in Lahore, Maryam talked about the alleged audio recording between real-estate tycoon Malik Riaz and his daughter that had emerged one day prior, according to which former first lady Bushra Bibi had refused to accept a three-carat diamond ring and had instead demanded a five-carat one from the Riaz clan.

Shedding light on the allegations of corruption levelled against Farah Khan aka Farah Gogi — a close aide of Bushra Bibi who flew to Dubai back in April — Maryam said that she acted as Imran Khan’s frontwoman to carry out corrupt activities. 

“This is a small case which is enough to open the eyes of the nation and the world. Everyone should know the extent of bribery that took place [under Imran Khan’s nose] for each job placement, appointment, or transfer in Punjab,” she added. 

Talking about the previous government’s performance, the PML-N leader said that Khan not only failed to deliver in the last four years but could not present an account of his performance during his tenure either. 

She added that the country was about to default and the foreign exchange reserves were empty because of Khan’s ineffective economic policies. 

“The previous government wreaked havoc on every sector and incidents involving terrorism witnessed a rise,” she said, adding that Pakistan was at a stage where PML-N was not concerned with politics but was worried about saving the country.

Commenting on the rising inflation in the country and the increased prices of petrol, the PML-N vice president added that the coalition government had to make hard decisions due to the agreement between Khan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

She further said that electricity load-shedding in the country was happening due to the circular debt, which had reached Rs2.4 trillion.

Talking about PTI’s “Azadi March” towards Islamabad on May 24-25, Maryam said that the federal capital was attacked. “Is there any government who had attacked and burned Islamabad in the name of love for Pakistan,” she questioned.

She further said that the previous government scarred Pakistan’s ties with its close friends. “They have deliberately installed landmines for the current government in their hatred for Pakistan,” she added.

Addressing the PML-N’s social media team, Maryam said the party could not focus on the power of social media, however, it is going to launch a separate team for each online platform.


After a recount, PML-N keeps its seat in the Balochistan Assembly.




The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was able to hold onto a seat in the Balochistan Assembly following a vote recount.

With a margin of 1919 votes, Muhammad Khan Lehri of the PML-N defeated Ghulam Rasool Imrani of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to win PB-14 Nasirabad.

The Returning Officer (RO) reports that Ghulam Rasool Imrani of the PPP received 18787 votes, while Muhammad Khan Lehri received 20706 votes.

The PPP candidate contested the results, which prompted a vote recount request. Prior to this, on February 19, the PML-N narrowly prevailed in a vote recount to hold onto a seat in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly by 186 votes.

Sardar Shah Jahan of the PML-N defeated independent Shakoor Naumani, who was sponsored by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), in PK-40 Mansehra. The Returning Officer (RO), acting on a request from the independent candidate supported by the PTI, ordered the recounting of results for 173 polling stations. Sardar Shah Jehan received 43104 votes, and Shakoor Naumani, who was endorsed by the PTI, received 42918.

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Rahat Faeth Ali Khan receives a clean sheet from FIA




According to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), there is no proof that well-known musician Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has engaged in any illicit behaviour, including money laundering or tax evasion.

Since there is no proof of any wrongdoing, the FIA has declared that it has completed its investigation into the popular singer’s alleged money-laundering and tax evasion case.

According to the recommendations made by the field inquiry unit, which suggested closing the investigation into Khan, the competent authority has approved the closure of the investigation into Rahat Ali Khan and other individuals, as confirmed by the Additional Director of the Federal Investigation Agency’s Lahore Zone.

The data that are now accessible include no information that would link Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to any illicit money smuggling operations.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Lahore has said that an investigation was opened in January of this year against Rahat Ali Khan and 182 other regular passengers who were leaving Lahore International Airport to find employment overseas. According to the report, information on frequent passengers served as the impetus for this inquiry, which had as its primary goal finding anybody engaged in money laundering or currency smuggling.

It is important to note that, based on their travel history, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) opened a money laundering and tax evasion investigation against well-known musician Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and others.

According to the FIA, the Deputy Director of Immigration at Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore supplied the information on 182 travellers. As a result, the investigation was started to find any regular travellers involved in cash smuggling or money laundering.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has paid taxes on all of his local and foreign income, according to sources at the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the Federal Institute of Agriculture (FIA).

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A challenge to the Aurat March was dismissed by the Lahore High Court.




The Lahore High Court rendered a decision on the appeal filed by citizen Azam butt about the prohibition on the Aurat March.

Deputy Commissioner Lahore and other parties were added as parties to the application.

The petitioner voiced worry that the peace and order situation would get worse as a result of the women’s march. According to the petitioner, Islamic society does not tolerate the banners and placards from the Aurat March.

The petitioner claims that the Constitution protects women’s rights and that initiatives are taken to enhance the welfare of women. The state must stop promoting the Aurat March in an immoral manner.

The court postponed making a ruling after rejecting the petition as inadmissible after hearing the opening statements. The ultimate ruling was rendered by Justice Shahid Karim.

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